Honeymooning in the Maldives. Is it worth it?

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Honeymooning in the Maldives: Is it a destination you have always wanted to go but not sure if it is worth paying that “much” money on a holiday? If everything they say is true? Well, here is my story if you want a sneak peek on 1 of the 1200 islands in this country.


By Ana Maria Lopez


honeymoon in maldives Shangri La Villingili Resort Spa

Shangri–La Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives

The Maldives is a country located…probably not the article you were wanting to read right?

I am not going to bombard you with geographical information that you can look up easily on the Web, but instead, I want to share with you my experience honeymooning in the Maldives, and all the journey my husband and I went through since we arrived from Sri Lanka to Gan Airport on the 16th of March 2020.

So, I will only tell you about the resort I stayed at when honeymooning in the Maldives, Shangri–La Villingili Resort & Spa. Villingili is the only resort island in Addu Toll, Maldives. It was built in 1997 and opened to the public only 11 years ago. This 3km paradise has the highest elevation point in the country (5.1 meters) and also the only golf course in the Maldives. You can walk it, bike it, run it or buggy it.

16th of March 2020, honeymooning in the Maldives:

When we arrived, there were 5 staff members waiting for us and the whole group at the airport’s entrance. They guided us to the speedboat while taking care of the luggage all the way. And is here when you feel complete peace for the very first time. No one says a word, it is here in the middle of the ocean, next to your beloved one, on a speedboat, with 10 other couples, when you realize you are about to embark the ride of your life!

honeymoon in maldives Shangri La Villingili Resort Spa coconut water

We got there on a Monday morning, the first day of a week full of surprises and unlimited REAL coconut water! That is the welcome drink you start the journey with. Lucky for me I had 1 or 2 every single day, is one of my favourite drinks, especially if it comes from a real coconut.

The weather is just perfect! Not humid nor sizzling is just a nice temp. of 31°C, dry climate for you to wear all the summer clothes and outfits you like.

My Tip:

Bring at least 5 swimwear pieces and kaftans for 1 week if you want to feel cushy & stylish.
1. To tan at your own private love temple, your villa. (Bikini)
2. To glance at the ocean from the Resort’s pool, next to an all-day happy our lounge. (any)
3. To do any of the breathtaking water sports available all day long. (one piece)
4. For a sunset sailing arvo on the resort’s luxury yacht “Horizon”. (strapless one piece-why not?)
5. Just in case! Always leave a swimsuit in your luggage just in case, trust me you’ll need it.

After the amazing cold coconut water and the unavoidable check-in duties we were taken to our precious Sunset Overwater Villa. Your personal island host picks you up in a cute buggy and starts driving you through the beautiful ecosystem, where you hear all sorts of tropicbirds and waterhens, as well as the waves giving you the warmest welcome. The excitement is hard to describe but everywhere you turn your head into is just unbelievable.

The Villa is impeccable, you have “166 sqm of overwater luxury”, just for you two. The sunset views over the Indian ocean will cuddle you until you fall asleep, the private terrace allows you throw your own private party, tan for hours, eat, sleep, drink, get a bath, snorkel… and anything you imagine or desire. But if you just want to take a bath under the stars feel free to head into an open-air bathtub, or maybe you just want to be romantic well, there’s space for a bubble bath in a freestanding bathtub in the middle of your luxury bathroom.

honeymoon in maldives Shangri La Villingili Resort Spa Villa
Our Villa honeymoon maldives Shangri La Villingili Resort Spa

And I can keep going for pages and pages describing the uniqueness and special details of the place, but I want to leave a little intrigue, so you can have room for imagination until you go there. I can only promise that you will never get bored, that the constant feeling of peace and mental tranquillity never ends.

From that day on it was just a matter of love and having fun. We did everything you can possibly imagine, clearly within reasonable limits… don’t get me wrong 

The questions I’ve been asked the most is how expensive was it? Is it affordable? How much did you guys have to save to be able to afford it? Well the answer is simple, yes, it is expensive but affordable, you only need to be smart and travel wise if you want to enjoy it all. Don’t worry about the currency just bring along USD or any credit card.

Here are all the answers to the possible questions you may come across when making the choice.

Why honeymooning in the Maldives?

The prices:

It can be expensive specially if you are a big drinker or if you want to do all the water sports available.

My advice:

Go for an all-inclusive package which encloses accommodation, unlimited drinks and meals perfect for honeymooning in the Maldives. And save for whatever your hobbies are, meaning if you love to dive, save because there are two wonderful diving locations for all levels which include turtle watching or a shipwreck adventure. You can also go for private Yoga, massages, water ski, wind surfing, kite surfing… and many more.
But if you are more into the drink and chill style just get the package I told you and indulge fruity cocktails, spirits, or healthy drinks by the pool, or anywhere around the island.

The atmosphere:

The eco-friendly island is the perfect atmosphere to completely relax, you forget about the rest of the world and it is all about you and your partner in crime. There are 3 amazing restaurants with a variety of food of multiple cuisine preferences or dietary requirements and there are 3 bars and lounges to relax and watch the sunset or refresh midday through.
All fitness levels are welcomed, and numerous outdoor activities can be done. Is the perfect place to find yourself again and disconnect from the hustle of the noisy world we live in.

The extras:

You’ll be looked after 24/7, excellent hospitality and customer service is what describes the personnel in the island. The amenities are always beautiful and perfectly looked after and you’ll feel you just got dropped into a dream land. You can have time for yourself if you feel like time alone, and you can have privacy if you just want time with your partner honeymooning in the Maldives.

The X Factor:

It’s that feeling of being in the middle of nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Is feeling that there are places in the world that you could’ve never imagine they really existed. Is finding kindness in every single person you see and greet every day. You can walk at any time anywhere and everyone will have a smile on their face that just reassures the feeling that you came to the right place and spent your money wisely. Is biking or walking from one place to another while you receive the caress of a light breeze.

The resort is how you would like to live your life for the rest of your days, at least for me.

One thing that will always be in my heart is how people greets you at all times.

They just stare at you sincerely and touch their heart with their right hand…



Ana Maria Lopez


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